Pay, Personal Leave Cause Impasse

Pay and personal leave policies are at the heart of an impasse between Minot’s 600-plus teachers and the school board.

Teachers are seeking a $600 increase in salary across the board, while the school board is proposing no increase in base pay.
And teachers want to be able to use sick days to care for adult children – they currently can use the days for children up to age 21.

The process of breaking the impasse involves a three-member fact-finding commission that will be scheduling a public meeting soon.

(Lisa Wolf, Teacher Negotiator) “The public is going to be invited to attend that fact-finding hearing and they can testify, they can talk about if they think there should be raises, if they think there shouldn’t be, but the public will be allowed to speak as well.”
(Dr. Mark Vollmer, Minot Public Schools Superintendent) “While we don’t want to be here, I am grateful that there is a process that will help move us forward.”

The fact-finding commission will make its recommendation to the school board within about six weeks.
The board then has flexibility to enact all, part, or none of it.

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