People Play With Pets

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Many times at the zoo, we get to look at the animals from a distance in a cage.

At the Roosevelt Park Zoo, there is an outreach program where people can play with the animals.

Alexus Arthur has the story.


(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “The outreach program is kind of like bringing the zoo to you.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “The outreach program prioritizes education by pairing the smallest zoo goers with the smallest zoo creatures.”

(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “The little guys get like the light shined on them.”

“Well, the poison dart frogs they become poisonous by the things they consume in the wild.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “There are ten critters that people can interact with.”

(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “”It’s a little bit more hands on.”

“This is our sand boa. These guys are our desert snakes.”

(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “Even this small little snake or tarantula has such a big role to play in our world.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “If a snake makes you squirm, there is a tortoise and a hedgehog that might spark your interest.”

“He mainly stays on land and he’ll be in the grassy areas.”

“So, when they get frightened they get into a ball and their spines just go all criss-crossed way, but when they calm down it kind of slicks back into to more of a relaxed state.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “Those animals are much more relaxed than others who enjoy the game of catch me if you can.”

(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “Our ferrets are rather rambunctious and they’ll just be bouncing around, they’re so excited to get out and play.”


(Amanda Cone, Outreach Zoo Keeper) “Any increment of animal exposure I think is great.”

(Alexus Arthur, KX News) “Our furry friends may be small, but they have a big impact on our communities. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.”


The outreach program visits schools and community events.

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