Pet owners learn life saving skills for their pets

Basic life saving skills like CPR are important for any parent to know around the house, but pet owners in Dickinson are learning those skills for their pets.

Stephanie Arthaud takes her dogs everywhere with her.

“Yes both my dogs come to work with me, and Jack is my foster dog, and he comes to work with me as well too,” said Arthaud.

When they get sick or injured, she wants to be able to make the pain go away.

“He’s my child. I love him just like a child if I had one,” said Arthaud.

To address pet safety concerns, some local residents in Dickinson started up a Pet Emergency Education Class for dog and cat owners.

“I might have like 20 minutes to get to the vet, so in an emergency situation such as choking, or if they were hit by a vehicle, as a pet owner I would like to know how to safely transport my animal to the veterinarian,” said Arthaud.

In the class students learn many things like how to attend to an animal that is choking, restraining a cat or dog that is injured, and how to give your animal CRP through the nose.

“So in North Dakota there are so many rural areas, and unfortunately we are so limited to where are veterinarians are . . . a dog or cat owner might have to drive 40 to 50 miles to a local veterinarian,” said Jodi Scott, Pet Emergency Education Instructor.

Scott, who is a certified instructor and has a dog of her own, said pet owners today are more conscious about their pet’s needs.

“We take a pediatric CPR class to know what to do with out kids and knowing what to do for our furry kids is just as important as that,” said Scott.

The three hour course is offered every other month and cost about $70, but Dickinson pet owners feel that there is no price to high for their pet’s safety

Scott said that 20-percent of the proceeds from the classes go to local animal rescues in the Dickinson area.

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