PETA says people shouldn’t call their animals ‘Pets’


If you’re calling your animals at home “Pets,” you might be surprised to hear that PETA is now advising against it.

They recently put out a statement saying calling our animals “Pets” is derogatory, and somewhat demeaning.
Ashley Byrne, Associate Director at PETA, tells us it’s time to change how we think about our animals.

Words like pet and owner indicate a relationship where an animal is more of an object.
Where an animal is owned instead of being a companion and part of the family.
We’re talking about a different kind of relationship instead of treating animals like objects,” said Byrne.

Instead of “Pets” and “Owners” PETA says we should call them “Companion animals” and call ourselves “Animal guardians”.

We hit the streets to see how animal-lovers felt about the change, and there were some mixed feelings.

“I kind of think it’s really ridiculous.
I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal to call an animal a pet I guess.
For me, I guess I’ll continue using the derogatory term then,” said one pet owner.

“I think a lot more people will refer to them as their companions.
A lot of people see their dogs as like their babies.
Stuff like that,” said another pet owner.

PETA says they will continue to raise awareness, and try to make people more thoughtful about the words they use.

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