Pi Teaches Valuable Life Lessons

March 14th should ring a bell for some of you.
Some students got a taste of what that meant. Here’s Heidi Werosta.

Pi – it’s the symbol scientists and mathmaticians use.

Izzy Rudy, 5th Grade, says, “Not the pie that you eat… It’s like with math.”

It’s a number that goes on forever… as many students were trying to learn. 

Rudy says, “3.14… I don’t know”

Avery Fremming, 5th Grade, says, “3.145 something.”

Aidan Johnson, 5th Grade, says,  “3.14159.” 

All of the students can explain that its…

“Circumference and diameter,” says Fremming. 

Two different classes were doing Pi day activities…. one was closer to reading… Persuade. Inform. And Entertain.

Rudy says, “Inform is like a biography about a real person in life and what happened.”

The other way brings out many equations such as: Area = Pie times the Radius squared. (A=Pie*r^2)

Rudy says, “Like in the gym floor there’s a circle so we took a tape measure and it was 36 feet. So then we did the diameter.” 

At the end of the day they got a piece of the sweet kind.

Flemming says, “Yes we are.” 

One teacher handed out square pie just to have a little fun.

Pi is also the sixteenth letter in the greek alphabet 

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