Pint-Sized Voice, Big Request

Members of the Minot City Council heard a young voice pleading for a recycling plan for the city.
At this week’s council meeting, Cora Vadell and her mom addressed aldermen, asking them to take action to establish city-wide recycling.

(Cora Vadell, Minot) “Recycling is important because the planet already has a lot of trash on it.”

Cora’s mother Kalyn Dewitt Vadell took up the plea from there, asking the city to continue talking about recycling, even though the international market for recycling is faltering.

(Kalyn Dewitt Vadell, Minot) “There’s new technology coming out every day all over the world on what to do with recyclables. It’s not like we don’t have other options. I understand we can’t do it right now, today, but let’s keep talking about it.”

Minot’s mayor said the city would continue to look at options for a recycling plan.

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