What’s your favorite snack when you’re traveling in North Dakota?

It seems a lot of people like pizza.

At least judging by the number of pizzas sold at just one area convenience store.

Jim Olson was in Rugby to find out about the milestone reached by the local Cenex.

The kitchen is a busy place at the Rugby Cenex Convenience Store – starting bright and early.

(LaRae Selvig, Kitchen Manager) “We have a person that comes in at 4:30 in the morning and gets everything set up and another person that comes in at 6:00.”

The staff greets the dawn by making pizzas.

(Alyssa Schwan, Kitchen Worker) “If you look down over here, you’ll see we have stacks and stacks of pizzas in there.”

A lot of pizzas.

(LaRae Selvig, Kitchen Manager) “We just go from pizza to pizza and make each one.”

(Alyssa Schwan, Kitchen Worker) “A ton of pizzas!”

In fact, it might be well over a ton.

(Donna Gunderson, Assistant Manager) “We sold our two-millionth personal pan pizza on Wednesday.”

(LaRae Selvig, Kitchen Manager) “Two million! Two million personal pan pizzas.”

(Donna Gunderson, Assistant Manager) “It’s a lot of pizza.”

And so on Friday, they had a party with cake, and of course free Hot Stuff pizza.

And there were plenty of takers.

“It’s got good flavor and sauce.”

“The flavor is very good – lotta cheese.”

“Are you a Hot Stuff pizza fan?”



“Because I like it.”

“It’s my fifth piece!”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “Deann is loading me up with a piece of cake here. I already know their pizza’s great so I though I’d taste test the cake instead.”

“And it’s locally made.”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “Locally made over at Leever’s…oh, it’s outstanding also. A good celebration here. Two million pizzas they’ve sold. In Rugby, Jim Olson, KX News.”

Rugby is the only Hot Stuff location to have reached the two million pizza milestone.