Plan To Move Recreation To Parks Gets Vote Next Week

An arrangement that’s standard in many places could soon be adopted in Minot.
The city’s parks and recreation departments that have been under separate control would merge under a proposal getting a vote next week.
Jim Olson reports on what the change would mean.

Their offices already sit just a few feet from each other in Minot’s auditorium. The plan to be voted on next week calls for the Minot Park District to absorb the Minot Recreation Commission – which has been under the control of the city.

(Scott Collins, Recreation Auditorium Director) “It’s a natural fit. Probably should have been done a long time ago.”
(Shaun Sipma, Minot Mayor) “It essentially enables both of them to be able to do more with what they have.”

The budget of the Recreation Commission will be removed from the city and acquired by the Park District. In addition, ownership of the city auditorium, tennis center, and softball complexes will transfer, and the Park District will absorb the 11 Recreation Department employees.

The Recreation director says it will lead to changes the public should see before long.

(Scott Collins, Recreation Auditorium Director) “You might see some new programs coming out of this because there’s that push to maybe expand a little bit, more than just keep providing what we’ve been providing over the years.”
(Shaun Sipma, Minot Mayor) “The recreation department was always kind of on the bottom rung of priority within the city. Now we’re able to have the Parks Department bring it right alongside as their top priority and that’s quality of life.”

If approved, Parks and Recreation would become one as of April First.

The Minot City Council is scheduled to vote on the transfer of the Recreation Department Monday.
The Park Board vote will be Tuesday.

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