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Want to do something a little different this year with your planters?
In this week’s plant talk, you don’t have to use just flowers to spruce up your yard.

KEVIN: So even though we sell a lot of annuals and flowers at Plant Perfect, we’re always trying to think outside the box, and come up with different creations that we can put in our containers. Today we’re going to look at some different conifer arrangements and how they can contrast with some of the different annual plants.

KEVIN: So what we’re going to use for our centerpiece is a Medora Juniper. Keep in mind when we plant this above ground and we go into winter, the root system is not hardy. So I usually take them out and I’ll plant them somewhere in my yard.
KEVIN: Your other option is to not plant the actual plant in the soil, but you can leave your collection in their containers.

KEVIN: What we’re using here is a Larch, or it’s also called Tamarack. It’s a deciduous evergreen.

KEVIN: This is actually a little ground cover called Icy Blue Juniper. It stays very flat along the ground, but in our container it’ll do a draping effect.

Part of the challenge of doing containers like too is, you know, there’s a lot of trial and error. Sometimes I’ll put things in, take things out, you know, see what catches a guy’s eye.

We’re going to make this container viewable from all sides. What we’ve got here is called a Push Norway Spruce. These cones actually start emerging into a pinkish-red.

KEVIN: So depending on your tastes, conifers are going to look unique all on their own, or – get creative and have some fun. Make your own little creation. We’ll see you again next time on Plant Talk.

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