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Plant Talk 5-21

In this week’s Plant Talk- we’ve got a unique way to plant your tomatoes so they can stand up to that treacherous North Dakota wind…

KEVIN: Now that we’re into spring and moving into summer, tomato planting is one of the most common things we do in our garden. I’m gonna show you how to trench plant a tomato.

KEVIN: So when you’re trench planting, we’re actually going to take the plant and it’s going to be underground and we’re just gonna bend the tip up. Also, I just snip off those lower leaves.

KEVIN: Now the reason we’re trench planting, if you plant that tomato like that, the wind is probably going to be the heck out of it.

KEVIN: So I’ve already prepared my soil, loosened it up, and we pull that root ball in. You can see how we just bend the tip up. Let’s take a look at some of the soil prep we did prior to our planting.

KEVIN: Alright, for soil prep for my tomatoes, I’ve kind of gotten away from the roto-tilling and I tend to just hand dig my areas. So I usually start with a spade.

A couple other things I like to use right away is gypsum. Then I use a slow release fertilizer, timed-release.

KEVIN: One of the final steps, you want to do supports for your tomatoes. When they lay on the ground they tend to rot. So I just work in a cage, and as the plant grows, you just keep  lifting your leaves up on each tier. Thanks for watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.

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