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KEVIN:  “It’s always fun to think outside the box, we’re gonna take a fountain today and instead of using it as a water feature, we’re gonna pot it up with succulents.
We’re gonna use a combination of a little bit lighter peat moss mix with pearlite, and one that’s got a little bit heavier bark… almost black soil.
So we picked some items around the store, I mentioned succulents, we’re also gonna use sedum, which isn’t a true succulent, and we’re gonna cheat a little bit and use this annual vine. You can see we kind of placed all the pots in here ahead of time just to make sure we kind of have the look we want. Then we’re gonna take all these out and start potting it up. Let’s bring in Riley, our specialist for taking the fountain off the cart. Ready? Okay, let’s pot her up.
The fountain that we’re using is actually a cast aluminum. We’re not gonna drill holes in it, so we’re just going to be very, very careful watering. You can see often times when you take a succulent out, it’s only rooted half-way in the pot. Quite shallow, but you can even take more of this away if you needed to.
So if you have an old fountain or even like a birdbath, feel free to get creative and try something like this. This is at center stage at Plant Perfect if you want to see it, thanks for watching.”

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