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Pruning is essential to developing trees, plants, and shrubs.
And when you do it right- it can help encourage growth as well as good looks.
Here are some helpful pruning tips in this week’s plant talk.

KEVIN: Today I’m standing next to a Summer Wine Ninebark, and the questions we get this time of year are when is the best time to prune? And it depends. What form are you looking for? Do you want new growth? Flowering? Do you want to avoid this type of dead growth, etcetera? So let’s take a look at what we can do right now.

KEVIN: Now the effect I’m looking for on this shrub  it actually covers up a well head, so I want a very loose, informal shrub. But I’m starting to get a little bit more of that dead growth. So I’m just gonna go through and clip out some of those bad spots. Sometimes I think we get odd shapes, I’m not crazy about that. Anytime you can mimic the plant’s natural effect, I think you’re much better off.

So here we have another type of Ninebark, it’s called Amber Jubilee. And this thing can actually get like, ten to twelve feet (big), so the timing on when to prune it is early spring. I cut it way back. Down to about two feet. And the goal is I want this fresh, gorgeous growth. And that coloring that we see here. And then next spring, timing-wise, I do the same thing. I bring it back to about two feet, and we just let that new growth come out naturally every season. Very beautiful.

KEVIN: The Ninebarks have a very interesting exfoliating bark. And I’m actually going to create out of this Golden Ninebark a treeform. Nature’s kind of forced my hand due to some of the die-back. I don’t have time to finish it this week, but thanks for watching, we’ll see you again next time. 


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