Plant Talk 7/30

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In this week’s plant talk, bringing the inside plants out and the outside plants in.

KEVIN: About mid-season every year, I like to bring some of my house plants or tropicals outside, just to get them some fresh air, some extra sun. You can’t believe how that invigorates them.

KEVIN: So one of the precautions you need to take is make sure you don’t expose your house plants to direct sun. At least not right away. You can scorch them pretty bad. So I try to keep mine under an overhang where they’ll only maybe get early morning or that late evening sun, not nearly as intense.

Just make sure as you get into fall you don’t leave it out there for the early frost. They’d be one of the first things that would get nipped.

So while I bring out some of my house plants, I also like to bring some of the outdoors in. We’re trapped inside with the air conditioning, it’s amazing how quick you can put together a little arrangement like this.

KEVIN: Now this is usually my wife’s thing, so the pressure’s on. I also have the benefit that I plant a lot of different things, but even if you don’t have very many plants, you’d be surprised at how quick you can create an arrangement.

And keep in mind these only last, you know, four to five days before they start wilting up. Sometimes a little longer. Not too bad. Simple. Thanks for watching this week’s Plant Talk, I hope you enjoyed it. We’ll see you again next time.

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