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In this week’s Plant Talk, Kevin shows you how to put a new twist on your old water feature.

KEVIN: So as we work in our yard, water is something that really brings it all together. The movement of it. The sound of it. For years I had a small bubbler here, and a bubbler’s just a small rock or something with a hole drilled in it, and the water just slowly percolates out. I’ve decided to change it up and put in something much more dramatic.

KEVIN: Now this is going to be a pond-less water feature, meaning no water’s going to be standing. What I’ve got is a plastic tub buried underground, right in here, and then make sure you’ve got something that can handle the weight as a support.

So what we’ve got here is they’re called Basalt pillars, and they have a core drilled all the way through. The trick will be whether or not I’ve got a big enough pump to push the water this high, so I brought along an extra just in case. On this setup, we’re also going to put in a little LED light. At night, it looks like a white torch.

KEVIN: Make sure you get that pump all the way to the bottom of your water basin.

KEVIN: So we highlighted our front sitting area with just one Basalt pillar. Very dramatic. Back here we’ve got a bit more subtle tripod collection. Same thing with the LED lights so it looks great at night. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.

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