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There’s definitely more than one type of grass you can plant.
But, in this week’s plant talk Kevin shows us some more decorative varieties.

KEVIN: Now that we’re at mid-summer and we’ve got fall knocking at the door, a lot of the ornamental grasses are going to start showcasing themselves. This is Northwind Switch Grass, a very, very prominent wide-stem. It’ll start turning a golden bronze into the fall, with a wispy panicle.

KEVIN: Now this is Miscanthus Grass, also called Silver Feather. It gets a big, showy white plume towards the fall. Be careful though, it does have a rhizome, and it’ll spread out.

Little Blue Stem is one of the native grasses to North Dakota, and one of the more compact grasses. It gets a beautiful little purplish fall color. And a wispy seed head.

And here we have Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, one of the most common that you see around Bismarck. It’s a very nice upright grass. It doesn’t spread out, easy to control. A lot of people refer to it as “I want that grass that has that wheat-looking head”.

KEVIN: Now all the other grasses we’ve talked about previous are hardy for North Dakota. You could leave them out in the winter. Purple Fountain Grass is probably the most common one used in our flower containers. Look at that  beautiful seed heads are coming on this time of year.

KEVIN:  So one of the other benefits of planting the grasses in your yard, you can bring it indoors. This is that Indian Warrior Grass, Karl Foerster, great for dried arrangements. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.

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