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Last week was all about planting your favorite flowers.
This time we’ll dive into what pots you might want to use.
Here’s this week’s Plant Talk.

KEVIN: Last week we took a look at some of our favorite flowering annuals that were good in North Dakota. Today we’re going to look at some different combinations where you can use shrubs and perennials.

KEVIN: Container gardening has become so popular, so the first step – picking out your pot.

KEVIN: Casey does a lot of our custom potting at Plant Perfect. He’s going to get started at that first project we took a look at. Something else that you can do instead of filling your entire pot with soil, often times we find an old tree container and we just fill that up. That way from each year you don’t have to move a heavy pot. Put your annuals in there, your tree, shrub-perennial combinations. And then you can just drop it back in.

KEVIN: So the centerpiece of this pot is going to be a Japanese Maple. It’s not hardy in North Dakota, but they’ve very dramatic foliage.

The items we picked for this pot are all shade-loving, we’ve got coleus, and hosta. They’re going to bring out that purple and white. Since we have such a short growing season, I always recommend packing that pot as full as you can so can get the best effect all season long.

KEVIN: So we’ve wrapped up this container, thanks for your help Casey. Look at this beautiful creation. We do have a free potting bench available at Plant Perfect for you, we’ll see you again next time.

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