Many of us have already filled our pots with beautiful plants and flowers.
But on this weeks Plant Talk we break in to some not so traditional ideas for container gardening.

KEVIN: “When it comes to container gardening, the flowering annuals still rule the day. But we’ve got some great examples to show you as far as other things you can use. Look at this Fine Line Buckthorn really creates a dramatic look. Ash Leaf Spirea that’s a shrub. One of the perennials Corabelles or Heuchera look at that. Back here we’ve got a Bowling Ball Arbor Vitae. Then up front, of course, we’ve got some of the annuals. Let’s take a look at some more examples.

Now this is Black Lace Elderberry, and you don’t always have to use combinations to make it work, but look at how the differences between a white pot off that purple, and then kind of matching the earth tones. I think this is one of my favorite things you can use to do something different in your pots.

Now this I can picture in that protected patio area, with the outdoor fireplace. It’s Red Leaf Banana. Look at that statement it makes.
Royal Purple Smokebush is another great plant to accent in your pots. It gets a smokey plume in the fall, hence its name.

You can also key in on shade garden arrangements we’ve got Corabelles, the Hasta, and the Astilbe. All great shade lovers.

Once again, thanks for watching Plant Talk. We’re going to take a bit of a break this summer, but we’ll see you again this fall.”