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With Spring comes plenty of beautiful flowers.
Time to take a look at some of the state’s favorites
Here’s this week’s Plant Talk.

KEVIN: With Spring in full gear now, flowers are our business, we’re going to show you some of our customer favorites.

KEVIN: So petunias are one of the North Dakota favorites. They love full sun, they can stand up to the wind. There’s so many different colors to choose from also.

Another great thing about the petunia is they’ll stand up to some of those late frosts when we get into that thirty-degree range.

Calibrachoa is like a little super-charged petunia. There’s so many different colors. It’s great in hanging baskets and containers. Look at all those colors.

Now the geranium is another favorite for North Dakota. It’s got many different colors pink, red, and white tend to be the most common colors. And it goes great with the vinca vine, and the spikes.

Now if you’ve got more shade in your yard, coleus is one of the favorites. Look at those different leaf colors there. Very striking, it’s very vigorous. The coleus, even small ones can grow to two or three feet in a container in one season. Coleus is a great one to mix into mixed combination planters.

A couple more favorites for the shade would be the New Guinea Impatien, and something we just call the regular impatiens. Again, you’ve got a lot of different flowers to pick from in the color ranges from pinks to whites, to purples.

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