Plant Talk – Pruning

Now is the time to get some of your pruning done. 
You don’t have to hire a professional to do it.
Here’s this week’s Plant Talk.

KEVIN: On last week’s Plant Talk we took a look at some of the burnt evergreens that are showing up in Bismarck. You can take a look at those segments at KX-Net dot-com. This week let’s take a look at some pruning you should be doing right now.

KEVIN: So we’re still in that time of spring where there’s not much flashy to look at, but that’s actually the best time to make your yard look great later in the season if you take the time. So here we’ve got a potentilla it’s Dakota Sunspot Potentilla and I’ve never rejuvenated it, but now is the time.

The potentillas are a great durable shrub for our climate. But eventually they get kind of woody, and the flowers don’t get quite as vibrant so I’m cutting it back.

So we’re looking at a Summer Wine Ninebark here. One of the things I noticed last year I had a lot of tip die-back, and I could’ve taken the time just to prune all those little tips but instead I just waited and now I’m going to do a rejuvenation start it over, and we’ll get back to the natural form of the shrub.

Now you’ll notice I planted these quite close together. I’ll probably only rejuvenate these once every three or four years, and usually, it’s always best to give your shrub space. But what I was doing was creating a screen to cover up a wellhead.

KEVIN: So once your shrub starts leafing out and you notice those buds are starting to pop, you’re really at the end where you should do that severe pruning. Good luck with your yard work. We’ll see you again next time on Plant Talk.

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