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KEVIN: A few weeks ago I transported one of my flowering crab trees to create this conifer garden. You can watch previous episodes at myNDnow-dot-com. We’re about halfway there, let’s take a look at some of the varieties.


KEVIN: Most of the time we refer to these gardens as evergreens, but they’re conifers, and they get the name because of the cones are where the seeds come from. So cone-bearing conifer.


KEVIN: A lot of these unique conifers with their weeping habit have been around a long time, they’re just catching on in our region. Taylor-sunburst pine, that new growth, bright yellow.

KEVIN: This is goatelle Siberian weeping spruce. A very nice-sized one pushing twenty, twenty-five feet high.


KEVIN: The blues, weeping Colorado spruce, it’s not going to get very tall. It’s actually going to start weeping down.

KEVIN: Now this is a white spruce called Big Berta. Its has a really, really nice, softer foliage. It’s gonna go straight up, kind of in a pyramidal fashion.

KEVIN: There’s a lot of mugo pines that have many variations. This one’s gonna have a two to three foot stubby look, almost mountainy. Compared to this procumbens one here, the Valley Cushion, gonna stay very, very flat to the ground.


KEVIN: I always like to use something that’s gonna be yellow year-round. This is Yellow-Ribbon Arborvitae – also a conifer, but it’s going to maintain that bright, bright yellow color.

KEVIN: The final steps for this project will be to put the edging in to keep the grass out, and then I’ll finish working on all the rock contouring. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.


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