Though we’ve recently seen warmer temps, overall Spring has been a bit on the cooler side. 

We’ll show you a great way to hold in the heat in this week’s, Plant Talk.

KEVIN HOLLATZ: We’re in the vegetable garden today, and one of my concerns this year is with the cold, wet spring the soil temperatures aren’t warm enough and the peppers and tomatoes are going to need extra heat.

I’ve taken an old shrub container and I’ve cut the bottoms off. What I’m going to do is create a heat sink. So on the days that we do get that warm sun coming in, it’ll help heat up that black poly and overnight it’ll have additional heat and that way we’ll get to fruit production a little more quickly.

KEVIN HOLLATZ: These containers are also going to be quite effective for keeping the rabbits away, so that’s just an additional benefit. I’ve also got a weed problem, on this side of my garden I’ve got thistle all over the place that I can’t get under control. I don’t like using chemicals where I’m going to be eating my food, so I’m going to try burlap this year. And I’m just going to lay it in the middle of the rows and try to choke out those weeds.

The burlap’s organic and it will break down. So I won’t necessarily have to remove it. Ideally it’s just going to save me some time from hoeing out here.

Along with peppers, tomatoes are another crop that really needs warm weather to do well. I’ve put these in a little bit early a couple weeks ago, so I’m going to get a little bit of yellowing leaf. I think they’re going to be fine though, I’m not going to use the hot caps. Thank you for watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.