Police investigate three robberies in three weeks

Minot Police have had to deal with three robberies in the past three weeks.
According to Minot Police, it’s still unknown if they’ve been done by the same person or group of people, or if it’s some sort of coincidence.

“We just haven’t had anything to link who might be responsible for it,” Captain John Klug said. 

He couldn’t say which pizza place was targeted, but that the deliveries were sent to specific, unoccupied addresses for the sake of the robbery.

What seems to be more interesting is that they were on different sides of town.

On September 18, a delivery was sent to the 2000 block of 4th Street NW.
On September 24, one was sent to the 1500 block of 5th Street SW.

The drivers were held at gun point before the suspect took all the money they had and the pizza, too.

Police suspect the robber didn’t act alone.

“They’re committing the robbery and they’re running away from the area on foot, but I would assume that somebody is picking them up since they’re being done in different areas of town,” Klug said. “It would appear somebody else is involved in those.”

A somewhat similar situation took place Monday morning when an individual outside of Wells Fargo bank on South Broadway was robbed.
No weapon was shown.

That suspect, Quantdre Mersier, is still at large.

As police investigate, Klug advises the public to be aware of their surroundings, especially at banks.
“Anybody that’s coming and going from a bank is kind of a target automatically. You just have to be aware of somebody that maybe doesn’t fit. Somebody that’s hanging around, just standing outside of a bank. Most people just don’t hang around a bank.”

Although there was a weapon involved during the delivery robberies, there was no violence.

Klug said if anybody is approached and asked for money, put your safety first and give up whatever you’ve got.

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