Police Respond to #NODAPL Posts Targeting Officers

Today police say protesters released personal information of law enforcement, including date of birth and home address of a one officer. 
We looked into whether these kinds of posts are illegal or even terroristic in nature. 
Bullying intimidation – even violence – all tactics either side of the Dakota Access pipeline battle accuse the other of. 
While eight people were being arrested for protest-related activity, seemingly threatening photos popped up on social media plastering the names of local officers. 
The affiliated site once owned by a former candidate for Congress.
“I can definitely see how those officers would not appreciate that,” says Chase Iron Eyes.
Two police officers were specifically identified, criticized for their involvement in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest fight. A tactic known as doxing. 
“Sometimes these are coordinated efforts. I couldn’t tell you that somebody from Last Real Indians went and did the research and somehow face-recognized those two officers there, but somebody did.” 
Like Chase Iron Eyes Bismarck police aren’t on the defense – they see it as more of a nuisance. They say if it’s nothing more than a nuisance until a real threat appears to someone’s life or family.
“They’re entitled to their opinion if they think that officers are bullies or they want to call them names. That’s one thing. When it crosses over into threats and their actually making threats that’s something that can be prosecuted.” 
Even threatening Facebook or Twitter threads that could have followed the post would be hard to prosecute citing jurisdiction issues.. according to BPD.
The post reads Bullying With Badges Calling out those who are abusing water protectors while protecting a multi-national corporation that violates Treaties.
Chase Iron Eyes says the site is more of an advocacy website than a news source – even saying it has a particularly left leaning agenda.
Morton County has dedicated much of its time to protest activities for the past 8 months and do see the posts as a threat on some level. 
Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier saying in a press release that it’s wrong that protestors would seek to target the officers and their families.
Not a crime but certainly a scare to all those involved.

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