Police Using Teddy Bears To Calm Children


Bismarck – Did you know today is national “take your teddy to work” day?…yes you read that right.

Well, one local agency is using the furry friends to ease tense situations.

The Burleigh County Sheriffs Department tells Kx News for the past 20-plus years, it’s used teddy bears or other stuffed animals as a tool to calm children that might be scared or intimidated by a police officer.

In fact, every Burleigh County squad car is equipped with a teddy bear, also known as “Officer Snuggles”.

Officials tell us the decision to use teddy bears was a no brainer.

“I think it started with somebody in the community wanting to help us out knowing that we deal with kids that are in a crisis and that all kids can relate to stuffed animals, and so just over the years different organizations and people have always made sure we’ve had a supply”

In a Facebook post, law enforcement officials in Morton County say they also use teddy bears to calm kids.

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