NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Making up a large percentage of voters in our state, the North Dakota GOP continues to make efforts to increase its presence across the board.

Former second lady of North Dakota Sandra Sanford sits as the chair for the NDGOP. Sanford ran on the platform of uniting the party and supporting the values laid out by the party.

“In North Dakota, we’re a super majority,” said Sandra Sanford, “We’re 80-something percent Republican. So, they’re doing really well, and at this point in time, I’m just picking up, taking the baton and running with it.”

Sanford has been active in state and federal politics for 26 years. She shared with KX News that she wishes to see more engagement across the state and wants to see an increase in membership.

“We need to boost our membership, we need to get that financial backing, we need to ensure that strong Republicans are in the districts, running, and getting elected. I would like to support the districts. The people in District 1 over in Western North Dakota have different needs than District 30 or 35 here in Bismarck,” said Sanford.

However, change is already here, after one party member attempts to lead beyond North Dakota.

“I think 2024 is gonna be a big year for North Dakota. Again, we’re going into elections in 2024, and the governor is running for president. So, all our eyes will be on Doug Burgum as he proceeds,” said Sanford.

According to his campaign team, Governor Burgum got more than 40,000 individual donations, including more than 200 from 20 different states.

However, he still needs to poll 1% or higher in three national polls.