Postal workers brave cold and snow

Postal carriers are a tough crew.

They deal with the heat and humidity of summer, and the frigid wind chills of winter to deliver your mail.

But the recent snowfall creates even more challenges. 

Reporter Nathalie Gomez takes us along on a snowy mail route.

Mark Oren has been doing this for five years. 

“Most of our walking swings are broken up into 15-minute segments, so you kind of get that in your head okay 15 minutes I’m back,” said postal worker Mark Oren.

and that’s just one way he gets through working in 30-below wind chills. 

“I have a scarf in there I have like five different pairs of gloves depending like with the wind blowing normally I go to a thicker pair.  I have insulated boots, the thickest underwear I have,” said Oren. 

Plus his parka, and face mask… 

Winter gear and short intervals make the job go bearable, but when the heavy snow falls, there are new obstacles – and things you can do to help out.

“The more people shovel or snow throw or snow blow the better it is the quicker it goes cause we’re not treading through those ten twelve inches of snow,” said Oren. 

That include the steps leading up to your home. 

“You’re not really sure where they’re at you stumble you fall and that’s one of the biggest contributors to accidents and injuries for us,” said Oren. 

Even the smallest effort goes a long way shoveling just a small strip will make it that much easier for the postal workers. 

“Just one little width that we can walk up and down,” said Oren. 

Oren says snowy days like these add about an hour to an hour and a half extra to his day…

but if walkways were all shoveled, that delay would be cut – meaning your mail would arrive on time – and with a dose of gratitude from your mail carrier.

Oren says he remains optimistic in the dead of winter – after all, March is not far off!

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