Potholes are in season

Drive anywhere this time of year and you’re bound to run into those potholes.

Reporter Nathalie Gomez talks to drivers trying to avoid them.

The start of spring means better weather but it also means snow will be melting.

 and our streets look like this, under these puddles is something many aren’t fond of. 

They’re inevitable with the weather, it’s going to happen no matter what–when you get that much snow and this much water it’s going to happen, said driver Aaron Schmitz.


There’s a lot on I think it’s Burdick Express where the cracks are and then it’s really jarring the vehicles and stuff, said driver Tom Haideer.

If not maneuvered around correctly potholes can cause tire punctures, wheel rim damage, suspension damage even engine damage, the list goes on, depending on how hard you hit. 

My cousin actually popped her both her right tires just like Saturday, said driver Ezra Johnson.

Nathalie Gomez/KX news: To avoid potholes and the damage they can cause the first thing you want to do is slow down, make sure your tires are properly inflated and avoid puddles because that’s where they like to hide

Try to I guess go around them which is hard to do but take it slowly over them, said Street crew member Lucus Monley

Monley is one many street crew members in Minot trying to patch these potholes so drivers get a smoother ride.

I mean there’s a lot every year, it’s just some are hiding in the water. Some are noticeable it’s just whenever they show we have to fill them up, said Monley.

The stuff he’s using to patch this pothole is called cold-mix, it’s only a temporary fix.. until all the snow melts away. 

The other day I went through three truckloads, said Monley.

For now, do your best to drive slow, and avoid those puddles.

Monley says, in the Summer, they’ll go back over all the potholes again and patch them with asphalt. 



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