Power Now Restored after Lightning hit Power Line in Mandan

Power is now restored after and lightning hit a power line in Mandan.

A witness said he saw a lightning strike hit a power line. Sparks flying and a few small fires started after the power line fell. This took place in the parking lot of the Hardees on Main Street in Mandan. According to the Mandan Fire Chief when the line broke it was still electrified, ,making for a very dangerous situation on Main Street. 

Steve Kilen; Mandan Fire Captain: “Well we responded to a down power line. And when we got here, we noticed there was some arching wires on the ground and in the parking lot. So we basically shut down main street to keep traffic away.”

We had a crew on the scene moments after the power line fell.. 
and had the chance to talk with someone who saw the incident firsthand.

Michael Wall; Witness: “Lightning struck the pole. And I just saw, like 4th of July out the window. The thunder hit. I looked out the window and saw the red car, there was about a 3-foot orb of electricity. Over here in the lane right here you can see the charred asphalt. And over there, where it’s split, half of it’s dangling there, half of it’s there.”

No injuries were reported, and the fire department says they’ll be investigating the nature of this incident.

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