Preparing XWA Airport to Take Flight

“We’re limited to a 50-passenger airplane and even with those aircraft, there are substantial operational challenges,” says Anthony Dudas, director of Williston’s Sloulin Field International Airport. 

Translation? If you’re flying out of Sloulin Field on any given day, there’s a good chance you’ll get bumped from your flight.  And that’s one of many reasons the city says the new XWA airport will better serve the Williston community. The project completion date is scheduled for October 2019.

“It’s more than just a hope, it’s something we have to fulfill,” says Don Cardon, CEO of Cardon Global, the development group overseeing construction of the new Williston Basin International Airport. 

What additional airlines will be coming on board is still being discussed, but Sloulin Field’s existing airlines, Delta and United, are expected to offer expanded service.

“We’ll be looking at the opportunities to provide service to Houston as well as the possibility of providing connection to the west,” says Dudas. 

Details are expected to be finalized by this coming winter. 

“Now is the time where we’re going to focus our efforts on those additional carriers and provide them the information they need to make an educated decision on whether they’re going to be able to provide service,” says Dudas. 

Retail options, including a restaurant, are also planned for the new Williston Basin International Airport. And in addition to all that–commuters can expect one more thing-
lower fares.

“Hopefully, it’ll drive the price down. That’s what our goal is,” says Cardon. 

Plans for the redevelopment of Williston’s existing airport, Sloulin Field, were unveiled earlier this month as part of Williston’s Economic Development Week. 

Those plans include a civic center and hotel, affordable housing, green space, and a retail promenade. 

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