Of course the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a big attraction of Medora.
Right by the entrance of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the Maltese Cross Cabin.

This here is where Teddy Roosevelt once lived and I was told it’s an unusual cabin for its era and its location out on the prairie.

He had wood floors, white walls, and three bedrooms – which were all quite an unusual in the late 1800s.    
Most cabins would have had one whole common area.
But Teddy had a bedroom, kitchen, a living area, and even a second floor for his ranch hands to stay.
Although a bit lavish for its time, Roosevelt paid homage to Dakota.

(Eileen Andes – Chief of Interpretation/Public Affairs, TR National Park) “He liked the people, he loved the landscape. And I think because he found solitude and healing out here, this place had always remained special to him. He said he would never have been president if it hadn’t been for his experience in Dakota.”

The Maltese Cross Cabin was originally seven miles south of Medora and moved here after years of being a traveling exhibition.

It was brought here to stay in 1959.