Press Conference Addresses Sunday Night Protest

Around 400 protesters made their way onto the backwater bridge Sunday evening.
Law Enforcement quickly arrived and the situation grew hostile. 
Multiple fires were started, both law enforcement and protesters deny starting the fires. 
Law enforcement then used a water hose to put out the fires.
Then they were turned on the protesters. 
Kirchmeier says, “It was used at a time to where they were aggressive toward the officers, and when that was no longer occurring, the water wasn’t used anymore. And it was sprayed more as a mist”
Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says objects including rocks, asphalt and water bottles were thrown at officers. One officer was hit in the head with a rock.
“The numbers one thing is that as we’re going along here and with the safety of everybody involved. We’re just not going to let people or protesters in large groups come in and threaten officers, that’s not happening.”
There were other tactics used to control the crowd including tear gas and pepper spray.
Mandan Sheriff Jason Zeigler stands behind the use of the water hose despite the temperature.
He says it could be used again
“It depends on the circumstance, if it’s the force necessary to maintain control and order and to keep them from throwing rocks and burning logs at our police officers to try to, you know, maintain law and order, yes,” says Zeigler.
The confrontation went throughout the night and dissipated early this morning. There was one arrest made.

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