The results of printmaking are all around us, from the design on a t-shirt to a poster on a wall. Printmakers use the first Saturday in May as an opportunity to gather each year and celebrate that artform with Print Day in May, but there are more than just one kind of print.

One kind is called a woodcut and it’s just like it sounds. It all starts with the artist carving a pattern into a block of wood similar to a stamp. Then, paint is rolled across the high points of the woodcut and applied to paper.

The artist can repeat this stamping process and create multiple prints from just one woodcut.

“It’s a really fun way to share what we make with others and it’s also a handmade kind of thing, so it has a kind of a special quality in that way,” says Micah Bloom, MSU Associate Professor of Art.

You can check out these prints on display in the Flat Tail Press Gallery on Minot State campus later this month.