Probiotics: How They Could Change Your Life

When we hear the word “bacteria” – it doesn’t exactly sound like something we want to put in our bodies.

But in some cases, the right kinds of bacteria can work wonders for us.
Probiotics are a bacteria that help us digest food and absorb the nutrients that we eat… 

And those aren’t the only benefits they have on our lives.
Research shows that an unhealthy gut leads to many dangerous health issues.
What can battle an unhealthy gut? Probiotics.

“They kind of change the ecosystem of your gut biome,” says Vanessa Lennick, Dietitian, Proximal 50 Life Center.

Several health factors can throw off that ecosystem…

“Being on an antibiotic, metabolic syndromes… all of those start in the gut,” says Vanessa Lennick, Dietitian, Proximal 50 Life Center.

Irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal syndromes are also some big ones.
But your gut health can affect more than you may think.

“Depression. Anxiety. A lot of that stems from your gut health too. So don’t forget about your probiotics,” says Lennick.

When you’re grocery shopping for foods with probiotics, there are a few key words on labels to keep in mind.
For example, if you’re buying yogurt, make sure it says “100% Grass Fed Dairy.”
Kombucha is a drink that’s packed with probiotics… if you’re buying this, make sure you see two words on the label: fermented, and live.
“The problem is, sometimes people don’t eat those foods because they don’t like them, or they feel they don’t tolerate them,” says Nicole Enzminger, Sanford Health.

That’s because lots of probiotic-rich foods have a bitter taste.
Yogurt is a popular one that can help your gut regain the balance it needs.

“Your dairy products and fermented foods have both probiotics, and prebiotics, so that can be a good place to start,” says Enzminger.

So how do you know if you should see your doctor about adding a probiotic to your diet?
Daily stomach aches, and difficulty with bowel movements are two of the most common ways to know.

“If you feel great, you don’t necessarily need to start taking a probiotic,” Enzminger added.

But for those who don’t, it can be a make or break addition to a healthy, comfortable life.

Probiotics are different from your average daily vitamins because not EVERYONE necessarily needs to take a probiotic.
But if you do need one, it’s very important that you add it, because it will greatly improve your quality of life.

It’s recommended that you see your doctor if you think you need one.

If you visit the website below, you can type in your demographic and symptoms to get recommendations on probiotics that could help you.

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