Property Tax Estimates Have Bismarck Residents Fuming


Bismarck – They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

But for some area residents, a proposed increase to their property taxes feels like death to their bank accounts.

If you live in and around Bismarck, chances are you got or will soon get a letter showing what your Property tax bill might be, and it’s a little piece of paper that has some folks up in arms.

“When’s the tax break gonna come? when’s the expense going to level off?” said Bismarck Resident Tracy Butler

That’s the general reaction from folks who recently received a letter, showing them the potential change in their property taxes based on the preliminary budget of the district they live in across Burleigh County.

The letter came from the office of Burleigh County Auditor Kevin Glatt, who was unable to talk on camera with me, but told KX News the notices are an estimate of what your taxes might be when property tax statements are delivered in December.

Savannah Ness was one of those who got the letter, her taxes are estimated to go up nearly 100 dollars and she tells KX News things are getting tighter and tighter.

“My Husband’s been having to work more, I’ve been having to work more. We’re almost to the point where we’re pretty much gonna have to take second jobs just to make it, because our house payment started out pretty low, and now, it’s getting way up there again,” Said Ness.

Glatt also tells KX News a unique purpose of the letters is to increase taxpayer participation in the budget process by providing the date, time, and location of each taxing districts final budget hearing.

Needless to say, locals took out their frustration on social media, one of those was Tracy Butler who tells KX News she’s getting tired of the constant increases.

“I looked at my bill and saw that my taxes are now 32-hundred dollars a year and if you multiply that over like the 30 years of my loan and probably my expected living in my house, that’s a hundred thousand dollars,” said Butler

One individual on Social media stated he asked his neighbors and they all had increases of over 300 dollars, Glatt tells KX News that is not the norm and of the eight sample letters he provided us the average increase was around $170.

Ness tells KX News an increase every now and then is ok, but every year seems excessive…

“Last year I kind of understood because they did some work on like 9th street which is where I live off of, so I was like okay, I can take a little bit of an increase, and then this year, I just think it’s ridiculous,” said Ness.

The treasurer’s office says letters only went to those who property taxes will be $100 or greater, so not everyone will get one.

The estimates DO NOT include special assessments or the 5% discount for early payment.

Several hearings will be held where people can provide input on that particular budget.


Burleigh County: September 18th at 6pm: Tom Baker Room: Bismarck City County Building.

City Of Bismarck: September 24th at 5:15pm: Tom Baker Room: Bismarck City County Building.

Bismarck Park: September 19th at 5:15pm: Tom Baker Room: Bismarck City County Building.

Bismarck School: September 9th at 6pm: Tom Baker Room: Bismarck City County Building.

Soil Conservation: October 2nd: 9am: Bismarck Service Center, Conference Room 916E, East Interstate Avenue, Suite 6.

Garrison Diversion: September 12th 11am, Garrison Diversion Office, 401 Highway 281 NE, Carrington, ND 58421

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