Protesters Start Preparing for Winter

Lisa Perry left a lot to come and stay at the Sacred Stone Camp. 
She quit her job as a nurse while her husband stays at home and pays the bills. 
“I miss my husband. I miss my family,” says Lisa Perry.
She says it’s tough on her, but it’s no picnic staying here either. 
Being resourceful is key, like when your tent breaks in the wind and you have to go dumpster diving to fix it. 
That’s what happened to Perry.
“Native people we know how to be…what’s the word?” says Tiwahe Tewicahela.
“MacGyvers” says Perry. 
However staying here is about to get a lot harder.
A strong North Dakota winter is creeping in. 
“The wind is getting horrible up here. We get 75 mph gusts,” says Nantin Kiyong, one of the camp organizers. 
Nantin Kiyong helps organize the camp. 
She says donations for warm clothes and blankets have been flying in, but it’s wood that will help them out most for the month ahead
“We’re trying to get more lumber brought in for shelters and buildings,” says Kiyong.
Kiyong says they’re still trying to get a handle on how many people plan to stay at the camp through winter. 
Perry plans to be one of the many who will.
And she says the people she’s met here make that decision much easier. 
“I’m Ojibwe and she’s Sioux so that’s two tribes that used to be enemies,” says Perry/
As long as they have the company, they won’t be leaving. 
The people who are staying at the camp says the camp has grown even bigger.
We’ve been told numbers anywhere between 4,000-7,500. 

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