Psychology of Dieting

When we think about how to get in shape, or maybe work on a little weight loss, restriction from foods we love is one thing many of us think we need to do.

But, according to a local dietitian, that’s not the case..

Happening now…Emily Medalen is live with the story.

Hi Tim and Alysia, yes, it’s good news for those of us – and who doesn’t – who like to cave once in a while and have a cookie or a bowl of ice cream.

I spoke with Vanessa Lennick who is a dietitian here at Proximal 50 Life Center, and she says balance is best.

Now, this is something we are used to hearing – everything in moderation.

But she says getting mad at yourself for indulging once in a while can physically change the way our body processes what we eat.

“It’s being able to have that cookie, having that box of cookies in front of you, eating one, and putting the whole box away, knowing you can have one tomorrow. Not going and hiding in a corner, eating the whole box, beating yourself up, then restricting even more, then over eating, binge eating, then beating yourself up again, then using exercise as punishment. So it’s following that healthy balance,” says Vanessa Lennick, Dietitian, Proximal 50 Life Center.

She told me that maintaining balance and enjoying dessert once in a while, along with a healthy exercise schedule of 3-4 days a week is the best way to have a healthy body and feel good about ourselves.


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