Public Transit in Dickinson provides passengers a safe ride in the snow

Public Transit has been serving Dickinson, ND for about 40 years, and on Winter days like today and yesterday residents are very glad they’re around.

Public transit director Colleen Rodakowski said about 150 people called in for rides on Wednesday, and they were averaging around 90 the days prior.

Dennis Ulmer, lead bus driver for  Public Transit said most of the riders were the elderly, and people who didn’t  feel comfortable driving in heavy snow.

Ulmer said currently most of the areas around Dickinson are accessible by bus, but response times are delayed because of the road conditions.

Ulmer also said they are urging riders to be ready when the bus or van arrives.

“We do suggest that they get ready for us when we get there,because with weather like this we drive slower. It takes us longer to get to point A to point B. It’s just nice if they are ready when we get there,” said Ulmer.

Public Transit is an on demand transportation service with no fixed routes, but Rodakowski said they hope to have fixed routes in the upcoming months.
Retirement at Public Transit

In related news, public transit director Colleen Rodakowski announced that Donna Wahl an administrative assistant with Public Transit will be retiring after 16 years of service.

Rodakowski said Thursday was her last day, and she will greatly missed by her Public Transit family in Dickinson, ND. 


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