Pumpkins and the Growing Season

The Fall Season is in full swing.
And its the right time to pick some pumpkins.
The weather, believe it or not, makes or breaks the pumpkin season. 
Dave Pearce says, “Weather has a whole lot to do with pumpkins. First of all, the sunshine during the growing season makes a huge difference, first the heat index, it makes a huge difference.”
 The size of a pumpkin also changes through each season with different weather conditions. 
“Size is probably more affected when I talk out heat index or temperature days. An 80 degree day with good moisture and water is probably going to produce a bigger pumpkin. Then if we had a solid season of 60 or 70 degree weather with the same amount of moisture,” adds Pearce 
Once picked, pumpkins have to stay fresh. 
To help with cooler temperatures, blankets and straw are used to cover the pumpkins to help from frost and freeze.  
 Pearce adds, “A 30 degree temperature is not going to hurt them.Once we get down to 20 and start seeing 16 degrees at night, then we’ve got to worry about them.”
 You can buy a pumpkin early in the season. But it’s best to wait to carve it just before Halloween. 
“Only a couple days from Halloween, because once we break in through the skin, and allow air and oxygen into the inside the pumpkin, the deterioration of the pumpkin itself starts to happen. So I normally tell people, 3-4 days before the pumpkin goes bad,” said Pearce.
If you cut into the pumpkin earlier, you can spread Vaseline on it to extend the life by a few more days.
This years pumpkin season was above average.
Due to warmer temperatures and just the right amount of rain.  

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