Race For Tax Commissioner Includes Dashcam Arrest Video

We are inching closer to election day, and, we want you to hear why the candidates say they deserve your vote. Our Malique Rankin sat down with the 2 candidates for tax commissioner.

Incumbent republican candidate Ryan Rauschenberger is squaring up against the former Dem-NPL chairman, Kylie Oversen. This is the current tax commissioners first time running for election with a DUI on his record, and it’s a topic neither candidate is ignoring.

Kylie Oversen’s latest campaign ad is a clear dig at Ryan Rauschenberger’s recent past.

Kylie Oversen: “When he was arrested, the public didn’t hear about it for three weeks. That, to me, showed a lack of willingness to be transparent to the public with what you’re dealing with.”

Ryan Rauschenberger: ” I’m the one that sent the release notifying the public that I had received a DUI.”
“I think, when it comes to campaigning, my opponent has every right and ability to campaign and spend campaign dollars on whatever she chooses to spend.”

The campaign trail may be littered with Rauschenberger’s wrongdoing, but after the election, their job is about you and your taxes.

Ryan Rauschenberger: “Our number one purpose, and my goal, is to advance customer service. And to do that through technology. And we’ve been advancing technology for years. We have one of the best tax systems in the world.”

Kylie Oversen: “I’ve learned and realized is that a lot of the anxiety that tax payers have could be relieved or lessened by more communication coming from the tax commissioners office.”

The tax commissioner’s relationship with state lawmakers can affect your paycheck… 
Legislators seek out the tax commissioner’s opinion when writing and passing bills.

This is an aspect Oversen says Rauschenberger isn’t doing well enough.

Kylie Oversen: “I have heard anecdotally from a lot of legislators that they were disappointed in the information and relationship that they had with that office.”

Ryan Rauschenberger: “I’m at the table with republicans and democrats when they have questions about the tax code, how to approve it. When I get handed a bill from a democrat or republican, I’m going to help them make it as effective as possible.”

It will be left to you the taxpayer to decide who will claim the seat, and influence state and national policy. This year, the new federal tax code will change the way we file our taxes this spring. The tax commissioner will have lot of work on their hands, catching up to those changes. Tax commissioner serves a four year term.

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