Raises Reduced, At Least For Now, In Minot Budget

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The city of Minot will delay steps toward a recycling program, reduce planned pay increases for city workers, and order a new effort to cut the 2018 budget further.

That is the result of a budget session tonight.

The most contentious issue was the plan to cut in half, the amount of raises for city workers – and a large number of workers attended the meeting.

Alderman Steve Podrygula offered a motion to restore the full pay raise, while other council members said there simply wasn’t the money for it.

(Steve Podrygula, Minot Alderman) “I don’t know that saving an additional 500 thousand dollars is going to make a whole lot of difference at the cost of exacerbating our problems with work force. We have significant turnover. I don’t know if even the numbers would add up in terms of the extra cost of training, hiring, firing, etcetera, etcetera.”

(Shannon Straight, Minot Alderman) “I hear what you’re saying Alderman Podrygula and I would love to say yes, but I also recognize as a business owner the numbers don’t lie sometimes.”

In the end, the pay raise was halved – but the council ordered a scouring of department budgets with the agreement that if the half-million dollars needed to restore the cuts were found in other reductions, the full raise could come back.

The next public meeting on the budget is next Thursday night.

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