Raising North Dakota: Buying your kids gifts


Kids today have more toys than ever before, and it’s hard to see past the fact many of the toys sit and collect dust.
So with Christmas right around the corner, how do you break this trend?
In this week’s Raising North Dakota, I decided to ask the pro’s … the pro’s being parents and grandparents, and here’s what they had to say.

“This year we are doing something different and taking our son to NYC on a trip so instead of something collecting in the closet or shoved in the corner, going to make a memorable trip. It’s always the memories, the toys they don’t necessarily remember those all the time, but yeah, the special times we have together,” said Lindy Borisevich, mom.

“I look at those toys that foster creativity, fine motor development, so art projects, I know they can get a little messy, the playdoughs the clays, things they create and build things. Different kind of matching games to see as a game but they are actually working with numbers to improved mathmentic skills. That is something my wife and I really look towards when looking at games for our kiddos,” said Tony Fladeland, St. Mary’s Grade School principal and father.

“Well as grandparents, what we like to do is take them shopping, let them go through the toy sections at the store, and then we take pictures on our phone as to what they like, which is a lot of things, and then we’ll pick one or two items from that list, but then we also get them something they are unaware of that we know they will like, and will use,” said Donna Emter, grandma.

“The older ones tend to like more of the higher end prices, but then we tend to do one gift versus a bunch of little gifts, and as they get older they are happy with that. Younger ones tend to be a bit easier. I have one grandson Jevin who likes to be surprised. So he said he won’t give list, just wants them to surprise him,” said Linda Vig, grandma.

Other ideas I’ve learned from other parents over the years include the four gift rule, which can make shopping simple and help your pocket book.
It is as simple as buying your child something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. 

You can also save the “newness” of the gifts by putting some gifts to the side to be played with at a later date.
The toy rotation system is something I’ve incorporated … it really helps to prevent boredom and cuts down the clutter.

One last thought to consider is to have your child go through their toys and donate some of the toys they don’t use to charity.

When they go through old toys, it might spark an idea as to what type of toys they really like, or don’t like!

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