Real North Dakotans can pronounce these 7 words


You can always tell when someone is new to North Dakota — they mispronounce certain city names, historic names or Scandinavian and German dishes.

According to a page at the “Only In Your State” site, you can consider yourself a bonafide North Dakotan if you can correctly pronounce the following seven words:








Keep in mind, North Dakotans may say these words differently from how they are pronounced in other parts of the country or around the word. The test here is how they are spoken here in the” Peace Garden State.”

North Dakota isn’t the only place that puts its own spin on words. For example, in Illinois, the city at the southern end of the state is spelled “Cairo.”

But it’s not pronounced “ky-row,” like the city in Egypt. Locals say “care-row,” like the Karo syrup.

If you want to hear how a word is pronounced in different places, go to PronounceWiki, a repository of computer voice pronunciations for almost any word you type in at the site.

Here are the pronunciations for the North Dakota words:

Kuchen = “koo-ken”

Minot = “My-not”

Sakakawea = “Sa-kok-a-wee-uh”

Wahpeton = “Wop-a-ton”

Fleischkuekle = “Flysch-kook-la”

Lutefisk = “loot-a-fisk”

Knoephla = “nef-la”

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