Recovery Day

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North Dakota’s first ever Recovery Day took place at the Capitol on Monday. The event is a way to celebrate the power and hope of recovery.

Mental illness and addiction are problems many North Dakotans face, and often times it’s overlooked. 

“Mental illness is very serious. Mine was caused by severe trauma as a child. It is not commonly heard of, but the mental illness needs to be addressed seriously,” said Lisa Phelps, North Dakota resident. 

53-year-old Lisa Phelps has multiple personality disorder. But she isn’t the only one. 

According to the National Alliance on mental illness, about 24,000 adults are living with serious mental illness in North Dakota. A staggering statistic, 90% of those who commit suicide, suffer from mental illness.

When it comes to addiction, 45,000 people across the U.S. died last year from overdosing on drugs and medications.

That’s why North Dakota started its first ever Recovery Day to spread awareness. 

People were able to learn about the different pathways to recovery from several organizations across the state and connect with advocates.

Most people dealing with addiction and mental illness agree, there needs to be more resources made available.

“As a person in recovery, it touches all of our lives in one way or the other. Whether it is a child, a spouse, a parent – we are all touched by this issue and yet the resources are very limited,” said Judith Roberts, Founder of Hope Manor Sober Living Homes. 

As for Phelps, these resources have helped her change her life around. 

‘It is very important for people like me. Without it where would we be? Like I said ten years ago all I did was hide in my shell. Once I got to peer to peer, one to one, then it brought me out of my shell,’ said Phelps.

Recovery Day at the Capitol was announced back in September during the second recovery reinvented event.

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