Report: State’s Infrastructure Needs Major Work


Bismarck – North Dakota’s Infrastructure was raked over the coals today in a newly released report.

It’s important to note that with the challenges we have in North Dakota, the public is still safe” said David Glatt, Chief: N.D. Dept. Of Health: Environmental Health Section.

North Dakota received D grades for the quality of its Bridges and Dams
C’s in almost all other categories including Drinking Water…Energy, the state of it’s Levee system, Public Transit, and Wastewater
The highest grade was a B-minus for the condition of the state’s roads…giving North Dakota an overall grade of C.

Officials say Dams received the lowest grade because 49 of the state’s dams are considered “High-Hazard” meaning a failure could result in a loss of life, the silver lining is the state does have emergency action plans for those Dams.

Drinking Water earned a C grade because many water treatment plants are at the end of their service lives and need immediate attention.

State Senator Rich Wardner was in attendance and says the state actually lucked out…

“If it wasn’t for the oil development out west, all of the grades on here would be one grade less, the D’s would be F’s the C would be D and the B would probably be a C or a D,” Said Wardner

Josh Boschee is the House Minority leader and tells me Infrastructure funding is always a top priority.

I served on a committee when we were looking for ways to increase funding for infrastructure, so the conversation’s not new, I think it’s an opportunity for us to work with the private sectors to find those solutions and do it in a way saves taxpayers money”  Said Boschee

Brandon Oye was one of the authors of the report and tells me people don’t think about how much they depend on Infrastructure dozens of times a day.

“From the time you get up in the morning and your brushing your teeth, you’re turning that water on, flushing the toilet, it’s making sure things work well there, to getting in your vehicle and driving to work, and using roads that are gonna get you to where your going, I think if things start to happen, it’s almost devastating to your lifestyle and your quality of life.” Said, Oye

Now if you’re wondering how North Dakota stacks up against other neighboring states, Minnesota and Montana also earned C grades…as a whole the united states received a grade of D+ for infrastructure, meaning North Dakota is actually a little ahead of the curve.

The state does have some time to make improvements on its grades.

The next report card won’t be issued until 2022.

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