Republican Senate Majority Leader Discusses 2019 Legislative Priorities

A couple weeks ago, we heard from North Dakota’s Democratic Legislators on what’s most important to them going into the 2019 Legislative session.

Today, we sat down with Republican Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner to talk about what’s important to the other side of the aisle.

Senator Wardner says behavioral health is at the top of the list this coming year. He says it ultimately affects our workforce and schools, which are two other areas Republicans plan to focus on this year. 

Wardner says addiction and mental health are big factors in the number of unfilled jobs in the state.

He also wants to focus on improving infrastructure, which includes updating and building schools for both K-12 and higher education.

Senator Wardner explains, “We want the state to grow. We want to help with roads and bridges, and streets and sewer and water, and help each community grow. But like I said already, one of the big issues is building schools because of our expanding K-12 enrollment.”

Another priority for Republicans will be giving state employees a raise. They didn’t receive one in the last session, so Wardner says it’s time.

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