Rescue dogs at FBS for 1,828 days find their home


In August, we shared with you the story of Phoenix and Easy — two dogs at For Belle’s Sake Rescue – Rescue/Rehabilitation (FBS) in Sawyer who had been in rescue for over 1,000 days. On Tuesday, they found their “furever” home.

FBS announced on Facebook Tuesday that after 1,828 days in rescue, Phoenix and Easy found their home.

Phoenix was left alone during the DAPL protest and later joined a pack of dogs. That pack came across some porcupines and Phoenix is still dealing with the damage today.

Three surgeries later and now left physically and mentally scarred, Phoenix desperately needed structure in his life. Then… along came Easy.

“Easy and Phoenix bonded right away. They both were nervous and uncomfortable with what was happening and they just connected and we watched them develop and blossom through each other and when they’re together, they’re great. When they’re separated, they’re shy again,” said President of FBS Shelby Bird.

Now inseparable, both owners of FBS hoped a family could accept that these dogs need each other.

Left: Phoenix, Right: Easy

And they found two who did.

“After a combined total of 1,828 days in rescue, Phoenix and Easy have a HUGE announcement for you. They chose their family!!! An awesome family. A family who was open to a trial period with them to ensure they were able to settle in. A family who didn’t freak out when Easy broke out in the itches and subsequently got a skin infection requiring a visit to our vet and daily meds. A family who not only allows Easy to spin and send his food flying but one that also gets a kick out of it when he does it to Phoenix, or worse…the water bowl. A family who understands there is an adjustment period and that Easy had some accidents during that. A family who gave up raking leaves because Fe tore through the piles at mach speed. A family who not only inquired about one dog, but happily agreed to the pair when they learned of their needs. We couldn’t be happier (and I’ll admit, a bit sad at the goodbye) for these two. They have such an incredibly strong hold on our hearts,” the FBS Facebook post said about their rescuers.

The post also said that FBS would like to help them with the adoption fees.

“How quickly can we surprise them for Thanksgiving by saying the $350 adoption fees are sponsored?” the post said.

If you’d like to donate, head on over to the FBS Facebook page and shoot them a message to see how you can help.

Congrats, Phoenix and Easy!

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