Residence life virtual tours at MSU

The admissions team at Minot State University is using the power of social media to encourage more students to live on campus. 

“Hi my name is Amelia I am a senior here at Minot State University I’m a Chemistry major and I’m from Manitoba Canada”. 

These MSU students are currently live on their university’s facebook page…  

“Being live and having this virtual aspect definitely on facebook helps that aspect of interacting students right away and answer any questions that they have,” said admissions counselor Kyle Patterson.

The virtual tour is aimed at prospective students and their parents.

“I’ve lived here for four years now so I kind of have an idea of what it’s like to live on campus and I kind of want to show that sense of community and like being close to everything to prospective students,” said current student Amelia Hamman.

Out of Minot State’s enrollment of over three thousand, only about 500 live on campus. It’s a number the university would like to raise.

“That sense of community is probably the biggest aspect the biggest strength of living on campus, I actually lived on campus for a couple of years when I attended Minot State University and I met three of my best friends here and I was in all three of their wedding actually,” said Patterson.

This virtual tour was the first of five. 

“There are five residence halls and they all range from suit style to just a community style. Bathrooms and everything like that,” said Patterson.

Tours of the other four residence halls will follow in coming weeks.

“This gives them a chance to kind of look at the hall see what it’s like and get a feel for what they might be moving into,” Hamman.

and, she hopes, get them to actually try it out.

The admissions counselor says they did a similar tour showing the actual university campus and many international students tuned in. 

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