Residential Treatment Facility Could Be Coming to McKenzie County

It’s been a big dream of Brenda Owen’s for quite some time. A decade, in fact-bringing a residential treatment facility to the Williston area.

“We’ve had a number of individuals tells us when you’ve got something let us know. And we think we’ve got something,” says Owen. 

Just last week, Summit Counseling, based in Williston, signed a contract for a 40-room facility located in McKenzie County. The counseling service now has 90 days to secure financing for the $300,000 purchase price, which is below the building’s market value. 

“In regards to what we have and what we’ve been looking at, this is just a wonderful find. This is an absolute treasure,” Owen says of the site. 

Owen plans to use the building as a treatment facility for those needing acute care, ranging from mental health to substance abuse disorders.

“I think it’s a huge piece that’s been missing. And I think it ties the community together and allows for a continuity of care,” says Owen.

Ten years of dreaming, planning, and overcoming roadblocks along the way has led Owen to the building located in Alexander.  Now the next several months will be spent trying to secure the financing needed to make her decade long dream a reality.

If the financing is secured, Owen intends for the treatment facility to have 16 beds for those needing long-term care.  Summit Counseling is in the process of drafting a business plan to be presented to the community soon. 

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