Residents ask council to impose a fee on single use plastic bags

On Wednesday night the Minot city council decided to defer a decision to impose a 5 cent fee on shoppers who use single plastic bags.

We spoke with members of the Minot Environmental Policy group who made the recommendation and residents about their thoughts on the potential fee.

“I think there needs to be a very serious conversation that happens about waste in our community,” said Tim Baumann 

That has been the goal for Baumann and the other members of the Minot Environmental Policy group and one issue they’d like to see some action on is single use plastic bags.

There’s not a centralized area in the community but you see them scattered through out,” said Baumann.

He’s not the only one who feels this way. 

“These plastic bags area hazard to small animals and they’re a mess, they’re hanging in trees, they’re blowing in fence lines,” said Minot resident Rick Lawson.

Lawson says posing a fee on them to encourage more people to use reusable bags isn’t a bad idea.

“I don’t have a problem putting a fee on them,” said Lawson.

I went around town and asked other residents what their thoughts were.

“I guess I’d probably be somewhere in the middle on it. I can understand the need for the environmental reasons I know we pull a lot of them out of the Souris River when we do the cleanings along with some others things, but It’s something that we should take a look at and I don’t know that there’s an over night solution,” said Minot resident John Lakoduk. 

According to the EPA,  a plastic bag can takes an extensive amount of time to break down — it’s particles then contaminate soil and waterways.

There’s also a social responsibility to the rest of the humans on this planet to make sure that we reduce the impact and thus reduce the negative effect that we may have on each other,” said Baumann.

Baumann says he’s hopeful that more residents will take up this issue in the future. 

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