Residents prepare for winter weather

The western part of North Dakota will be in a winter weather advisory this weekend. We’re putting North Dakota first by keeping you ahead of the storm and keeping you safe. 

“Well, its North Dakota, we had it pretty easy so far and its going to come no matter what,” said Todd Reinhardt, a resident of North Dakota. 

North Dakota resident, Todd Reinhardt, is talking about snow. 

And before we know it, these streets will be covered with it. But he’s ready.

“Just getting things out of storage such as snow blowers and shovels and stuff like that. Going to check to oil and change that, and get the air in the tires,” Reinhardt said. 

Making sure you drive carefully is a main concern commuters have, especially in dangerous weather conditions.  

“Give enough time to get to your destination. Sometimes there is slush and stuff. Just take your time and drive carefully and pay attention to everybody,” said Kevin Cuba, a resident of North Dakota.  

Your local public works departments are constantly monitoring the weather and are well equipped for snow.

“We are getting all the snow gates and plows on the trucks and just being ready to see what happens. We got salt and sand, it just depends on snow event and what is needed,” said Keith Glass, Supervisor of Bismarck Public Works.

As for Reinhardt, it’s never too early to prepare for winter. Since North Dakota is known for it.

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